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Next event in August 29th

Owing to the amazing success of our first

“Celebrate Literature”

August 29th, 2015

event we are delighted to announce there will be a second Programme of similar characteristics delivered, as in 2014, by great specialists in the field.Once more Sessions have been put together to offer teachers variety and are intended not only for those colleagues who teach literature but also and mainly for literature lovers.

Great presentations will be offered:

-to assist colleagues in their daily class work;
-to provide innovative strategies for the teaching of Literature;
-to make it easy for teachers to introduce and analyze sonnets, stories, novels, poems, plays, etc.;
-to update info in both British and American literature;
-to ENJOY!!!

Details on the left hand-side tabs: Speakers, Contents, Schedule, Fees & Forms of Payment




April 11 2015 PPD IX Develop & Inspire


We will re-think the way we are educating our students. Are we
profiting from their creative capacity? Or…are we postponing their
creativity? We will take teachers through a number of sessions to explore how to get students to learn-acquire language using a range of techniques & strategies which will challenge learners, make them curious and encourage them to be imaginative and creative when incorporating and using English.
Creative writing, Drama, Songs, Games, Methodology, New Technologies applied to ELT, Phonetics made simple, are a few of the areas that will be tackled. Speakers: Cecilia Sassone, Julia Benseñor, Marina Cantarutti,  Claudia Rey, Alicia López Oyhenart , Mariana Ferrarelli and Carolina Echeverría.

Keep posted there will be much more information very soon.

The PPD Team is delighted to be offering these events and hopes colleagues will accompany us at our usual venue Cuba 1930- CABA on both dates.

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